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Records and Information Management Month

During Records and Information Management Month, it is important to keep your files and digital life organized to maintain the privacy and security of your records. By decluttering your workspace, you can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of data breaches.
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What is two-factor or multi-factor authentication?

Historically, passwords alone were used to prove (authenticate) to a system that you are who you say you are. Two-factor and multi-factor authentication (2FA and MFA, respectively) add additional layers of security by requiring a combination of two or more methods to authenticate who you are. The premise underlying MFA is that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply all the factors required for access.
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Password management best practices

In today's world, we all have many passwords for both personal and work accounts. Between email, social media, banking and business platforms, we can get overloaded with passwords and how to best manage not only keeping them safe but also changing them and handling security breaches. What are the password management best practices?
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What is phishing? How do you protect yourself?

Protect yourself from phishing scams by being aware of and understanding the signs of a phishing attack. Always think twice before clicking on any link and remember to never share personal or financial information with someone you don't know.
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How to prevent IT downtime

Keep your systems updated, invest in robust cybersecurity, reduce your on-premise dependency, and consider proactive IT maintenance to prevent downtime.
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Top tips to boost digital performance

Digital performance is a strong marker of business success, given its potential influence on an organization's revenue, spending, and growth — especially for businesses heavily reliant on information systems. To optimize digital performance, you should consider: optimizing IT costs, embracing the cloud, automating business processes, investing in cybersecurity and working with IT professionals
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How to relieve common IT pain points

IT is a crucial business asset. Digital business systems help speed up and streamline enterprise operations while minimizing costs and errors. However, mistakes or oversights in an IT system can develop into troublesome technical pain points that could devastate the entire company.
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What can a managed IT provider do for you?

IT prowess has become a key performance indicator in the increasingly data-centric world. However, 80 percent of small businesses are not taking full advantage of digital tools. Outsourcing IT services can accelerate your digital transformation with business success in mind. A managed IT provider can help you make wise IT investments, access highly skilled IT talent, meet compliance requirements, strengthen your security posture, and, most importantly, align your IT strategy with long-term business goals.
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