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Why the cloud is your IT's best friend

2022-05-25Highway 99 Technology Solutions Inc.

The idea of cloud computing was first conceived in the 1960s by J.C.R. Licklider, one of the computer scientists working on ARPANet (the earliest version of the internet). But it wasn't until the early 2000s that cloud computing really took off. Today, the cloud is a $483 billion industry and is only growing. According to Flexera's State of the Cloud Report, 63 percent of organizations run more than 25 percent of their workloads on the cloud. And given the accelerating cloud adoption and utilization rates, two-thirds of SMB workloads will run on the cloud in the next year.

What's so great about the cloud that everyone is so eager to get a piece of it? Cloud computing is basically a way of leasing digital processing power and accessing virtual resources over the internet. But in essence, the cloud is a disruptive technology that has completely redefined the meaning of enterprise IT. Here are five reasons why the cloud is so revolutionary:

Minimizes IT investments and costs

One of the biggest digitization challenges most businesses face is acquiring and running IT systems. IT equipment and software are not cheap, and maintaining an operational IT infrastructure requires a hands-on team of IT experts. Plus, you have to frequently upgrade IT components as older systems become obsolete.

Since the cloud is already an established IT platform, you don't have to purchase expensive servers, computers, or networking devices. Also, the cloud provider maintains and updates the platform, so you don't incur any upkeep costs either.

Secures data and digital workflows

The cloud is built from the ground up with a multi-layered security architecture for maximum data and user safety. Cloud security incorporates physical on-site security, data decentralization, firewalls, encryption, monitoring and logging, intruder detection systems, and network protection, among many other advanced safety measures.

Despite some valid concerns about cloud security, the cloud is way more secure than any on-premises system on so many levels. In fact, most organizations trust cloud storage with their data backup and recovery systems. Besides, the biggest threat to cloud security is not external attacks but internal misconfigurations.

Accelerates IT deployments

You can sign up for a cloud service with just a few easy clicks on a computer or taps on a smartphone. Cloud solutions are nearly instant and come fully equipped and ready for deployment. Working with cloud systems accelerates and simplifies digitization since you don't have to physically purchase, ship, and set up any sophisticated hardware.

The cloud is also highly flexible and easily scalable to match dynamic IT and business needs. Such an elastic digital front enhances business agility and speed to market.

Brings highly advanced computing within reach

Cloud computing brings cutting-edge IT resources within reach of businesses that would otherwise not be able to afford them. Thanks to the cloud, even small enterprises and start-ups can access highly advanced digital capabilities affordably and sustainably. You'll find just about every business IT resources on the cloud, including VoIP phone systems, virtual servers, data centers, DevOps tools, and virtual workspaces.

The cloud essentially levels the digital arena for all businesses, giving SMBs and start-ups a fighting chance against IT-ready corporate giants.

Introduces new business opportunities

Embracing the cloud opens your business to unique new opportunities. Migrating to the cloud breaks your dependence on traditional on-prem IT processes, which could cripple your business's innovative potential. The cloud paves the way to exciting, progressive, new possibilities, such as:

  • Business process automation
  • Business intelligence with big data analytics
  • Remote and hybrid work
  • Flexible work policies such as BYOD and hot-desking
  • Reliable disaster recovery with cloud backup
  • Limitless virtualization of business processes

Jump on the cloud with Highway 99

Utilizing cloud-based resources may be a quick, low-cost, and convenient way to build a robust IT infrastructure, but moving to the cloud is not always easy. You need an expert to guide you in making the right decisions, starting from which resources to buy and how to properly implement and use them. That expert is Highway 99. We specialize in helping businesses reach their digital ambitions through our professional IT management services. Feel free to call us at 604-262-2999, write to us, or book a free consultation to discuss your IT needs and challenges.

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