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IT Solutions and Managed IT Services for the Transport and Shipping Industry

Communication and data are the two main ways a transport company’s IT keeps their wheels turning. We at Highway 99 are fully equipped to provide fully managed IT services to clients in transportation and shipping. That means we understand the difficulties you have balancing data access and cybersecurity, and are ready to take your IT capacity to the next level.
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What Does Highway 99 Have to Offer Transport and Shipping Clients?

The single biggest challenge most of our transportation industry clients face is that of maintaining connectivity with drivers who are constantly on the move, often across international borders. The systems today’s transport fleets rely on are light years beyond simple sat-nav rigs. Keeping up with the IT demands of labour compliance systems alone is enough to give in-house IT teams nightmares.

That’s why transport companies all over Canada and beyond come to Highway 99. Our specialist teams have the technology, experience and talent needed to keep your systems online, secure and operating as intended. With that peace of mind, the head office can turn its attention back to business without interruption.

Would you like to see how smoothly we can get the IT side of your operations running?

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Our services include:

  • End-to-end support for your workstations and networks
  • Email management, whether hosted on-site or remotely
  • Networking solutions that work in the office and on the production floor
  • Robust cyber-security and data protection
  • Remote monitoring and response, night and day
  • Fully managed incremental backup systems
  • Proactive update, asset and license management
  • General IT consulting and emergency response

Our team’s regular working hours are weekdays 7am to 6pm, and we are available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Now let’s talk about you.

We want to learn what you need from a managed IT provider. How do you use technology? What are the issues with your current set of solutions? What system is your greatest headache? Only once we really understand your situation can we start talking about how to make it all work better.

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IT Tips for the Transportation and Shipping Industry

Minimize transportation costs and improve reliability with transport management tech

Whether transportation and shipping are the heart of your business or whether you work in the logistics department of a larger company, streamlining your transportation management IT can have a tremendous effect on your bottom line. Better still, Highway 99 can help you achieve the best possible results with it.

Are your fuel consumption trackers up to date?

A modern fuel and consumables tracking system can give you a wealth of data that you can use to manage your operations more effectively. We can even help you integrate this data stream fully into your fleet management solution.

Invest in Cybersecurity

There has been a spike in cybercrime recently, and that includes the shipping and transport industries. Make sure your cybersecurity is in good hands, and minimize the risk of your operations being disrupted.

Backup Your Data

Regular, systematic backups are the first step in a good disaster recovery program. Sooner or later, your data will be at risk, from fire, flood or simple human error. A good backup system will make even a ruined server something you can overcome.

Follow the 3-2-1 rule for data backup:

  • Keep three copies of your most crucial data
  • Use at least two different backup media (tapes, CDs, etc.)
  • Keep at least one copy in a secure, off-site location
  • Audit and test your backups regularly.
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