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IT Solutions and Managed IT Services For Accounting & Bookkeeping Firms

Both the accountancy and bookkeeping worlds have adopted cloud-based technology rapidly. These systems make it easier than ever for accountants to collaborate, and to serve the needs of their clients.

However, there are some problems inherent in remotely hosted services which you can’t afford to ignore. If something goes wrong with your implementation, you might be cut off from your workflow. You might even be cut off from your clients for hours or days. You need to have an expert IT team always available to prevent and/or mitigate these issues. That’s where Highway 99 Technology Solutions comes in.

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Who is Highway 99 Technology Solutions?

We are a full-service managed IT services provider. More importantly from your point of view, we specialize in the needs of accountants and professional services firms just like yours. We are based in downtown Vancouver where we offer right-sized IT solutions and support small and medium-sized businesses throughout Metro Vancouver.

What Does Highway 99 Have to Offer Accountancy Firms?

Simply put, we can take on all of your IT responsibilities. Ultimately, we want to remove the stress, uncertainty and loss of earnings associated with system downtime. We also work to remove the vulnerabilities of your systems without interfering with the way you actually use them. Improvement without compromise is never easy, but we have years of experience behind us, and many happy clients to testify to our abilities.

Our services include:

  • Workstation and server support
  • Remote monitoring and security
  • Management of your email services (internal or hosted)
  • Networking infrastructure solutions
  • Cyber-security and data protection
  • Fully managed backup systems
  • Proactive software updates
  • Asset and license management
  • General IT consulting
Our team’s regular working hours are weekdays 7am to 6pm, and we are available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Why use Highway 99 for your Accountancy Firm’s IT Needs?

We understand the way accountants, bookkeepers and other professionals work. We know the hours you keep and the language you speak. With Highway 99, your primary point of contact has a strong background in accounting, engineering and IT. He understands both your needs and how to provide for them.

Because Highway 99 understands the challenges you face, we can give your firm the competitive edge it needs to thrive.

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Moved to the cloud? You need specialized IT support.

Cloud services are just as vulnerable to human error, data losses and attacks as on-site systems. In fact, you may be even more vulnerable if your cloud services are inconsistently updated or incorrectly configured relative to the needs of your industry.

Highway 99 can ensure that your cloud services are configured correctly, that access is restricted to the people you intend to use the system, that all important updates are conducted in a timely manner, and that all of your data is backed up regularly. This won’t make you immune to computer problems, but it will protect you against known threats.

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IT Tips for Accountancy Firms

Backup Your Data

As an accountant, you understand how probability works. No matter how good your hardware, systems, or providers, sooner or later something may happen to your data. It could become corrupted, you could lose access temporarily or long-term, or it could fall prey to unauthorized tampering. A proper backup system will turn an absolute disaster into something you can overcome.

Follow the 3-2-1 rule for data backup:

  • Keep three copies of your most crucial data
  • Use at least two different backup media (tapes, CDs, etc.)
  • Keep at least one copy in a secure, off-site location

You must also test your backups regularly. Nothing is worse than having to go to your backups and discovering that you’ve been recording junk data for the last six months.

Never Skimp on Cybersecurity

Your clients depend on you to keep their data safe – and several regulatory authorities are on hand to make sure you do.

  • Restrict your systems to people whose identities are thoroughly proven and who have a good reason to access the data
  • Make sure your devices log users off automatically when idle or unattended
  • Update your devices and apps on a regular schedule – especially your malware protection
  • Adopt (and enforce) a robust password policy
  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA), especially for remote access
  • Store sensitive data on as few applications and devices as possible

Workstations and Other Computers at Accountancy Firms

A slow, obsolete workstation could be robbing you and your clients of hundreds of billable hours every year.

A new office workstation (as of Q2 2023) should have all of the following, at a minimum*:

  • 8th generation (or newer) Intel i5; or 2nd generation (or newer) AMD Ryzen 5
  • 8 to 16GB of memory (RAM)
  • 500GB of storage on an SSD (solid state drive).

Such a system should last you at least five years before it needs to be replaced.

* Of course, minimum specs and upgrade timing will vary based on your exact use case.

Why not upgrade rather than replace old workstations?

Replacing magnetic HDDs with solid-state SSDs and upgrading RAM to the 16GB range can bring new life to an old system and delay the need for replacement for approximately two years.

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