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Highway 99 is a leading provider of Managed IT Services, offering businesses a virtual IT department to ensure reliability and security. Our Data Backup Solutions help companies safeguard critical information against disasters and cyber threats with 3-2-1 backup compliance. We also offer support for Special Projects, addressing technological needs such as system optimization, WiFi and network improvements, and cloud transitions, all aligned to your organization’s specific business needs. 

Fully Managed IT

No in-house IT team? We act as your virtual IT department, fully managing your IT infrastructure (servers, networks, workstations). With our remote monitoring system, we can keep small issues from growing into major problems. We are here every step of the way to ensure a secure, consistent and predictable technology experience: from solving day-to-day problems to planning for the long-term.

Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT services are a blended approach that allows you to supplement your IT team. We help you fill the gaps with email services, security and backup solutions, remote monitoring, system updates, help desk support, special project assistance, long-term planning and any other technology services you may need.

Break/Fix & Monitoring

With our basic remote monitoring system, we can alert you to potential issues as they arise. Our local help desk can access and repair most network and computer support issues remotely from our office. Need to focus more on your business? Consider our Co-Managed or Fully Managed IT services!

Managed IT Services

Outsourcing Managed IT Services to an MSP allows businesses to focus on their core operations while leveraging the expertise and resources of skilled professionals to ensure their IT systems are reliable, secure, and optimized for efficiency.

Highway 99 offers Managed IT Services, acting as your virtual IT department ensuring a secure, hassle-free technology experience. Our services streamline IT management, reducing costs significantly compared to in-house teams. By partnering with Highway 99, businesses gain access to expert skills, strengthened cybersecurity, and the latest tech, accelerating their digital transformation.

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Data Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions are a proactive measure to ensure data resilience, operational continuity, and protection against a wide range of threats that could otherwise jeopardize a business’ crucial information.

Highway 99 specializes in Data Backup Solutions, safeguarding businesses from potential data disasters. Our services include designing, implementing, and monitoring backup systems, and ensuring quick recovery from cyber threats like ransomware. By adhering to the 3-2-1 backup rule, we offer local, off-site, and cloud backups, automated monitoring, disaster recovery planning, and post-incident data restoration. These tailored services ensure business continuity and compliance with data security regulations.

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Special Projects

Highway 99 offers tailored support for Special Projects addressing various technological needs. Whether it's optimizing slow systems, enhancing WiFi coverage, improving remote work experiences, or transitioning to/from the cloud, we provide vendor-agnostic IT solutions aligned with specific business objectives. Our expertise spans across system upgrades, network improvements, secure remote access solutions, and cloud service optimizations.

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Located in downtown Vancouver, Highway 99 Technology Solutions Inc. delivers right-sized IT solutions and support to professionals, non-profits and small and medium-sized businesses throughout Metro Vancouver.
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