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IT Solutions and Managed IT Services for Hospitality and Tourism Clients

With a fluctuating economy and cost-of-living struggles both at home and abroad, hospitality is a rapidly changing market with ever-shrinking margins. Every year, more hospitality and tourism businesses seek to reduce overheads and stay competitive by shrinking or eliminating their in-house IT teams. They prefer the economies of scale and greater expertise that managed IT providers like Highway 99 can bring to bear for them.
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What Does Highway 99 Have to Offer Hospitality Clients?

Everything a hospitality-focused business does relies on IT these days, from small tour operators to 5-star destination resorts, and everyone in between. The simple truth is that many smaller business’ IT departments struggle to keep up, and those of larger forms may lack the specific expertise needed to change up what you offer.

That’s where Highway 99 comes in. Our specialist teams have the technology, experience and talent needed to keep your systems online, secure and operating in the most competitive environments. Knowing that that is in place, you can spend more time with your clients, making the experiences they’ll come back for again and again.

Would you like to see how smoothly we can get the IT side of your operations running?

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Our services include:

  • End-to-end support for your workstations and networks
  • Email management, whether hosted on-site or remotely
  • Networking solutions that work in the office across the ground
  • Robust cyber-security and data protection
  • Remote monitoring and response, night and day
  • Fully managed incremental backup systems
  • Proactive update, asset and license management
  • General IT consulting and emergency response

Our team’s regular working hours are weekdays 7am to 6pm, and we are available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Moved to the cloud? You need specialized IT support.

Cloud services are just as vulnerable to human error, data losses and attacks as on-site systems. In fact, you may be even more vulnerable if your cloud services are inconsistently updated or incorrectly configured relative to the needs of your industry.

Highway 99 can ensure that your cloud services are configured correctly, that access is restricted to the people you intend to use the system, that all important updates are conducted in a timely manner, and that all of your data is backed up regularly. This won’t make you immune to computer problems, but it will protect you against known threats.

Now let’s talk about you.

Every hospitality business is unique – and isn’t that the point? Each one uses technology differently, and each one needs different things to secure the futures they want most. That’s why we spend so much time getting to know your business and the way it operates during our first few discussions. Only once we really understand your attractions, your audience and your business situation can we start talking about how to make it all work better.

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IT Tips for the Hospitality Industry

You’ll see the biggest changes in overall efficiency by digitizing the most mundane tasks

Start with the really basic processes and then seek to bring in the showstoppers. Once you’ve efficiently linked your calendars, email accounts and billing processes, you’ll be in a position to take advantage of the real IT game-changers.

Keep Your Networks Mobile

These days, the majority of your clients will see an attraction or destination for the first time through their smartphone. In fact, some three-quarters of them will reach out to a hospitality or tourism service provider only after vetting them on a mobile device. Make sure your online presence isn’t just compatible with mobile users – it needs to actively embrace them.

Backup Your Data

Regular, systematic backups are the first step in a good disaster recovery program. Sooner or later, your data will be at risk, from fire, flood or simple human error. A good backup system will make even a ruined server something you can overcome.

Follow the 3-2-1 rule for data backup:

  • Keep three copies of your most crucial data
  • Use at least two different backup media (tapes, CDs, etc.)
  • Keep at least one copy in a secure, off-site location
  • Audit and test your backups regularly. Nothing is worse than having to go to your backups and discovering that you’ve been recording junk data for the last six months.

Never Compromise Cybersecurity

Data security is everyone’s job:

  • Never give out passwords or personal information without a good reason, and never to someone who hasn’t proven their identity
  • Don’t leave your devices unattended or logged in – even just over lunch or a break
  • Update your devices and apps on a regular schedule – especially your malware protection
  • Adopt (and enforce) a robust password policy and use two-factor authentication (2FA), especially for remote access
  • Store sensitive data on as few applications and devices as possible
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