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What can a managed IT provider do for you?

2022-04-06Highway 99 Technology Solutions Inc.

Technology is an invaluable resource in the business world. Gartner forecasts global IT spending to hit $4.5 trillion this year. Entrepreneurs spend a ton of money scaling their digital performance, and for good reason. IT prowess has become a key performance indicator in the increasingly data-centric world. For instance, a recent survey found that tech-savvy organizations significantly outperformed their peers in revenue growth during the pandemic.

However, another survey conducted in the US shows that 80 percent of small businesses are not taking full advantage of digital tools. The report cites the following factors as the main hindrances to tech adoption among small businesses:

  • Perceived irrelevance of new digital tools
  • High costs
  • Long learning curve
  • Dependency on legacy tools
  • Inadequate in-house IT skills and experience
  • Security concerns

Interestingly, you can easily overcome all these obstacles by partnering with a managed IT services provider. Here are five ways in which outsourcing IT services can accelerate your digital transformation with business success in mind:

Lower IT costs

A large portion of IT spending goes towards systems upkeep. You have to pay a team of people to ensure that all systems run smoothly at all times. But IT labour is not cheap: employing a single IT professional will set you back well over $70,000 a year in salary alone — more once you add onboarding, benefits, and training expenses.

With a managed IT provider, you get a team of IT experts for less than what it would cost to build the team yourself. For small businesses under 30 employees, this can be less than the cost of a single IT professional. And the team hits the ground running.

Augment your staff with expert skills

Your in-house staff may lack the skills or expertise necessary for discovering, implementing, and utilizing modern digital business solutions. Hiring a managed IT provider enriches your team with expert skills to leverage sophisticated business tech without having to recruit new workers or upskill the existing staff. This accelerates IT adoption and eliminates errors in deploying and running new systems.

Reinforce your cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major concern for any business operating online or working with sensitive digital assets. According to the DBIR 2021, nearly 30,000 security incidents were reported in 2021, and 5,258 of those were confirmed data breaches. Even a single security incident can be severely devastating; the average financial damages alone can reach $4.24 million.

With a managed IT provider's expertise and resources, you can easily develop a robust, multi-layered security framework to fend off attacks, minimize risks, and counter threats. Crucially, the managed IT provider will also design your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity posture to meet various data security and privacy standards.

Accelerate digital transformation

The IT landscape is highly volatile. It changes rapidly as new tech, innovations, and trends emerge. As an IT-reliant business, you must stay ahead of the tech curve to maintain a competitive digital advantage. But it's not always easy keeping track of what's new or old in the tech world.

Managed IT providers are deeply embedded in the tech industry, and they understand the dynamic IT landscape exceptionally well. Taping into this knowledge can help you adopt new solutions as soon as they emerge.

Align your IT strategy with long-term business goals

Every IT investment or decision needs to align with your business goals. In addition to solving technical problems, IT processes are closely intertwined with business growth and success. Therefore it is critical to ensure that your IT infrastructure brings tangible long-term value to your organization and helps you achieve key business objectives and goals.

Working with a managed IT provider through IT consulting is a great way to build a practical, goal-oriented IT roadmap. IT road-mapping aims to optimize digital investments and operations for sustainable business growth.

Final word

Clearly, a managed IT provider can do a lot for your business. A managed IT provider can help you cut IT costs, make wise IT investments, access highly skilled IT talent, meet compliance requirements, strengthen your security posture, and more.

However, the choice of service provider matters too. At Highway 99 Technology Solutions our approach is simple: we focus on your business and the people that make it happen. Tell us about your technical needs, and we will tailor a robust solution to perfectly fit your company's requirements and business goals.

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