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5 signs your business needs a managed IT provider

2022-05-04Highway 99 Technology Solutions Inc.

Nowadays, managed IT services providers have become the go-to solution for managing corporate IT systems. However, some entrepreneurs and business leaders are still not convinced that managed IT is for them, while others assume it only suits big companies. But the truth is, any IT-reliant business — no matter how small — needs proper IT management, which might mean bringing in a managed IT provider at some point.

The big question is: how can you tell your business needs third-party IT management? Unfortunately, there's no single answer to this question. But here are five common signs your business could benefit from partnering with a managed services provider:

IT staffing issues

Finding and retaining highly skilled IT experts is a tall order, especially with the ongoing country-wide labour shortage. Several reports paint a grim picture of an intensifying talent shortage across all industries, with some businesses even shutting down due to a lack of workers.

If you're struggling to fill IT positions with enough skilled labour, it might be time to source IT support elsewhere. A managed IT provider provides you with a ready team of IT experts without having to hire more employees. Otherwise, relying on a short-staffed or under-skilled IT department could lead to a devastating lapse in IT maintenance, resulting in frequent downtime and mounting support tickets.

Overwhelmed employees

Most small businesses start with a small IT team or none at all. IT management is usually not that big a priority or concern during the early start-up stages. But as the business grows, IT responsibilities grow as well. The IT support demands will inevitably surpass the business's labour capacity if the workforce doesn't scale with the business. This may result in a workforce severely overwhelmed or hampered by endless technical obligations and challenges.

You can tell your HR is overwhelmed by increased errors, absenteeism, and missed deadlines or a dip in workers' enthusiasm, output quality, and productivity. Studies also show that overloading employees can have a debilitating effect on their emotional, mental, and even physical well-being.

Don't overwork your staff on account of IT support. Get an IT provider to relieve your workforce from frustratingly cumbersome, mundane, and time-consuming technical tasks.

Rising cost of IT maintenance

Do you feel like you're burning too much cash just to keep your digital infrastructure running? If you do, try hiring a managed IT provider to streamline and cut IT costs. Maintaining and scaling an IT infrastructure doesn't have to cost a fortune. An IT provider can help reduce your IT budget in the following ways:

  • It costs a lot less to hire a managed IT provider than an internal IT department.
  • Working with a managed IT provider enables you to make economic IT investments and decisions.
  • IT optimization with a managed IT provider eliminates costly bottlenecks and redundancies in IT systems.

Unsettling security concerns

In 2021, 85.7 percent of Canadian companies experienced at least one cyberattack, according to the Cyberthreat Defence Report. Cyber insecurity is indeed a significant pain point for any business reliant on information systems. But concerns over cybercrime shouldn't weigh down your business as long as you've put a robust cybersecurity system in place.

A managed IT provider can help you design and erect a formidable cybersecurity framework complete with defensive and responsive measures, security governance policies, and data safety and privacy compliance. Despite the ever-worsening cyberthreat landscape, managed security ensures you never lose sleep contemplating digital safety.

Digital stagnation

IT efficiency, performance, and productivity have a huge impact on business success. Utilizing the latest and most robust tech earns your business a massive competitive advantage and lead in its industry. But tech is highly volatile, and keeping up with emerging tech trends while constantly upgrading and optimizing IT systems to modern standards can be challenging. This is where a managed IT provider comes in handy.

With IT consultancy and planning, a managed IT provider guides you in structuring your IT setup to align with your long-term and short-term business goals. This turns your IT into a constantly evolving yet goal-oriented resource.

If your business shows any of these signs, it could really use managed IT services. And Highway 99 is ready to help you overcome these and more IT challenges. Book a free consultation or call us at 604-262-2999 to learn more about leveraging managed IT.

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