Backups & Disaster Recovery

Ensure your data remains available even if disaster strikes: human error, system failures, natural disasters, malicious actions or ransomware can threaten your business if you’re not prepared. When is the last time you checked your backups to ensure you could recover from them? We help ensure your business can recover from disastrous data loss.

Data Backup

Backup your workstations, servers, cloud services and other locations where important business data resides. Do you have sufficient copies of backups on diverse media and in diverse physical locations to protect against single points of failure? Ensure your backups are resilient against human error, equipment failure, large-scale disasters and – now more than ever – ransomware operators.

Backup Verification

During disaster recovery is the worst time to find out that your backups have been failing! Backup verification is an integral part of a robust backup strategy. Our backup monitoring system alerts us when backups fail or stop running entirely. In addition, we perform periodic manual verification to verify data integrity and to ensure that the data can actually be restored.

Disaster Recovery

Whether you need to roll back a single file or restore entire systems, we are here to help right away. Before disaster strikes, we will work with to develop a robust recovery plan that minimizes downtime and gets your company running again as quickly as possible. Don’t let disaster put you out of business!

What Does Highway 99 Technology Solutions Offer?

You know how important your business’s data is – your business couldn’t survive without it. The key to protecting against data loss, whether through human error, equipment failure, virus or ransomware, is having a reliable and tested backup and disaster recovery solution. And did you know that most cloud services do not provide backups that protect against accidental or malicious acts? The onus is on you to ensure that your data is properly protected – and that’s where we can help. Based on your needs, our backup and disaster recovery services include:

  • Local, on-site backups to protect against accidental deletion and minor equipment failure
  • Off-site backups to protect against major equipment failure, large-scale disaster and malicious acts such as viruses and ransomware
    • Depending on business need and risk profile, backups may be to a secure cloud backup service or to off-line physical media (e.g. magnetic tape) stored in a secured location
  • Backups of data stored in cloud services
  • Automated backup monitoring
  • Periodic manual backup verification
  • Disaster recovery plan development
  • Post-incident data restoration

Modern IT solutions across industries

  • Mining & Construction
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Manufacturing, Trade & Transportation
  • Non-Profits

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